Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Family Under Stress

Family Crisis

  • Separation 
  • Death 
  • Step Parents (Re-Marriage) 
  • Finances
  • Abuse 
These are just some family crisis that can occur. Think about your own life experiences. Have any of these impacted you in some way? If so, were you able to find a positive outcome from the experience? Can trials (crisis) within a family become a blessing/helpful in pulling the family closer together? 

It is unfortunate for anyone who has to deal with a family crisis, but often times the result of how we are effected is largely due to how we deal or cope with the situation. 

There are 4 ways someone will generally deal with a crisis
  1. Denial 
  2. Avoidance 
  3. Scapegoating
  4. Substance Abuse 
None of these sound like heathy ways to deal with a problem especially if it is effecting all members of a family. It is important for a family to communicate to have understanding for each other, to have compassion. 

Family therapist Cloé Madanes created a method in order to help all members of a family get on the same page and experience ownership of their mistakes instead of blaming others, thus bringing the family closer together. 

The three main points are: 
  1. Recognizing that during this crisis everyones  spirit is wounded 
  2. Evil is always stupid 
  3. Have the person who may have caused pain and sorrow upon the family to get on their knees and apologize. This is not done to humiliate the person but rather to give this person an opportunity to apologize and for the family to have a greater understanding for the reasons behind his or her actions. The family will realize that he/she did not intend to hurt the family. 
Any type of family crisis can be difficult to deal with. We often feel pain, betrayal, anger, and hopeless. However, I know that these crisis can also develop very strong bonds between family members.  There is nothing that the Savior cannot heal, and I know he can heal a broken heart in a broken home. Keeping an eternal perspective is difficult but will give you a better understanding of how our trials can turn into blessings. 

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