Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sexual Intimacy and Family Life

Personally, I feel that too many people abuse the power of sex. We all generally know what it is and know its purpose therefore I am going to discuss sexual intimacy in more of a gospel related tone. 

Many people will have a sexual experience before marriage, but for those who wait until they are married are given a much richer experience and opportunity to grow closer to their spouse. 

Men and women were created differently but were created to complete each other. Because a man might experience something different than a woman during sex it is important to treat such an experience with consideration and communication. When a couple begins to communicate and understand each others needs in a more intimate personal level they begin to know each other and become as one. 

In Genesis 4:1 it says that "Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived..."

Sexual intimacy was intended to create a special bond between spouses. 

The benefits that come through this sacred ordinance are that it will; Require great selflessness, we can "know" well beyond self, seek inspiration, feel deep compassion, have an exclusive connection, develop trust, peace and bond. 

Fidelity = Faithfulness (To ones spouse in this case). Loyalty, consistent, true in all occasions. 

Infidelity = Fantasizing about someone else visually, romantically, sexually, emotionally. 

We need to be careful how we seek for emotional support. It seems that this type of infidelity can become overlooked at times. Especially with the rise in Facebook use it is much easier to seek elsewhere for emotional support when we do not feel it in our homes. This will lead to the other factors of infidelity such as fantasy and romance. We need to be committed to our spouse and communicate so that we can connect on a all levels especially emotional. This will help us to avoid having affairs and will keep our bond stronger. 

Let us put away the natural man and cling to God, cling to our spouse and choose carefully where we put our thoughts and desires. 

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