Thursday, July 9, 2015


In class we discussed what are the reasons for parenting. Here are just a few things that we concluded.

  • Difficult things make us stronger
  • It helps us to understand God and relate to him
  • To up bring children in a safe environment
One word that was heavily enforced to contributing to successful parenting was.... LOVE

There are many books and articles addressing different parenting styles, but nothing will ever be better than love. 

Here is an example of confronting conflict between a parent and child/teenager.

Who owns the problem? 

  • Instead of yelling or demeaning the teenager, first approach them with a polite request. 
  • Instead of pointing fingers and blaming, use the "I" statement which is;
                      When you...
                       I feel...
                       I would like...

  • Make a stronger statement
  • Let the natural consequences unfold 
  • Plan a logical consequence 
  • Plan/Discuss together 
  • Encourage (Good behavior) 
When we try to control what our children do we do more damage than good. Satan's plan was to control us. When we use our agency and choose for ourselves the lessons we learn are much greater. 
Avoid immediate compliance. Instead, look for teaching opportunities. 

A theory of NEEDS was discussed in class. 
As humans we all need physical contact and a sense of belonging.
Parents should: 
  • Offer contact freely 
  • Teach to contribute
  • Response/Ability- Let children take responsibility showing that they are capable of working and contributing to the family. 
  • Teach assertiveness and forgiveness. 

Get needs met and people will stop doing desperate things to get needs met. 

Ever wonder why children act out? It is probably because they are not getting their basic needs met. They are starving for attention, affection or any type of contact. 

Parents have such a powerful position. Their actions can make or break someone. A proper parenting style brings about positive and good behavior. It brings a healthy child. 
Parents and children should have mutual respect for one another. Listen to each other and learn from each other. Most importantly they should love each other. 

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